Saturday, December 27, 2008

X'mas Lunch Malaysian style

This is X'mas lunch Malaysian style. On the menu is spaghetti, 'beef rendang' i.e. beef cooked in spices and coconut milk, roasted chicken, curry chicken, stir -fried mixed vegetables and 'nasi minyak' which is rice cooked in ghee and spices. The host ( a Bidayuh) is the gentleman at the head table who happens to be my wife's brother-in-law. The Chinese guy next to me is also my wife's brother-in-law. The British bloke is my host's son-in-law and the lady standing is my wife's niece. The bespectaled guy on the left is a Malay from Kelantan, and next to him is my host's son who are collegues at work. The silver -haired guy towards the right is...yours truly.
To One and All..two thumbs up!!!!:))

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