Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Fruity Break

It was raining this morning. Rain is a blessed thing, of course in a tropical climate like ours. The evergreen biomass will only sustain itself with the underground water it provides and the cleansing of pollutants on leaves with every downpour. It's also a good excuse to be at the computer table today and to reflect what have I achieved this year. More of this later. After having had so much meat during the X'mas holidays it's time to go vegetarian. So today's lunch menu consists of : Bananas and the wholesome ripe Jackfruit served fresh, its unripe fruit cut into small pieces and cooked in coconut milk as vegetable and finally its ripe seeds boiled for much needed calories or starch.

On the left is a plate of boiled jackfruit seeds. Remember to remove the papery brown covering from the big brown seeds before you eat it, preferably with honey. Oh , how lovely to have a change of diet...Bruuppp!

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