Friday, December 26, 2008

To Miri on X'mas Day

Miri is about 200 km north of Bintulu and like Bintulu it is situated on the coast facing the South China Sea. Half way before reaching Miri we made a pit stop at Batu Niah junction. Here a small stop over place has over the last 30 years grown into a tiny town providing facilities and amenities to travellers, tourists and the surrounding  populace. For those unfamiliar with the development in this part of the country will be amazed to see the prevalence of 4x4WD vehicles, probably 6 in every 10 vehicles parked around town. The fertile lands between Bintulu and Miri have been used for oil palm cultivation while the deep forests have been and continue to be exploited for its rich timber resources. The only practical way to drive the off-country or rural dirt roads  would be by these 4x4 vehicles. Therefore in this plantation and timber country these vehicles are a necessity.

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Protege said...

I love 4wheel drive cars, at times I would badly need one here in Denmark, as when the big snow storms hit, it is impossible to drive on the roads in my small Toyota.
Hope your Holidays were lovely.;))