Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Early Morning Talk and Work

I was sitting the other day in this corner coffee shop, having an early morning breakfast of toast, one half-boiled egg and tea. The shopkeeper knows me so well that by the sight of me, she will immediately prepare my breakfast favourites and deliver to my table without any order from me. Well, talk about special service! And no extra charges or tips, too. Sometimes I wait here for my worker who stays across river and pays RM.50 for each crossing by a 'kapel tambang' which is a small river ferry boat transporting the Kampung Jepak people to the Bintulu town's side of the river daily. The two gentlemen in front of me seemed very engrossed in their coffee talk, while I was reading the daily newspaper called 'The Borneo Post'.

By the river bank is this big ficus tree, sometimes referred to as the banyan tree ( Ficus mirocarpa ). Anyway, our local banyan tree is huge and is easily distinguished by its numerous aerial roots and thicker and blunter leaf blades. Many times I have seen flocks of the red-eyed starling birds eating the fig fruits on this tree. Today they seemed to be absent. With the light cover of a morning mist a woman street sweeper starts her day's work early. Today she doesn't have to worry about the litter of fig fruits that are left to rot because the tree is not in its fruiting period. The red- yellow car is any typical taxi cab through out Malaysia and yes, it is a Malaysian made car.

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