Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kuching's Multi-Layered Cakes ( Kek Lapis)

It is interesting to see nowadays how the multi-layered cakes here are gaining popularity as an 'export' item being souvenier bought by tourists especially from Peninsular Malaysia to bring back home to remember of their Kuching sojourn. They are reasonably priced and packed in thin transparent plastic. You can buy them easily at the rows of shophouses or small kiosks along the sidewalk of the shophouses at the Kuching waterfront area.
In the local Kuching Malay dialect, it is called 'Kek Lapis'. It is made of flour, eggs, butter, sugar, jam and flavoured in varied tastes like nescafe, cheese, mint, chocolate, haw flakes and others. The colouring is up to the imagination or creativity of the chef and the same holds for its diverse patterns and layering. A small packing costs between RM 10-RM 15, which can come in 2"x2"x6" size or in smaller portion of about 2" long ( as shown in the picture above).

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Protege said...

Ouu, I love these cakes! I would buy them for sure, the colors are amazing! I am not surprised that they are so popular.;)