Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Chinese painting

I saw this Chinese painting displayed outside a Bintulu frame maker's shop the other day. What attracted me to the painting was its large size and the vibrancy of the colours. It struck me that in my 'nexart exhibition' scheduled in October, 2009 at Kuching I will put on show newer paintings done in the Chinese stlye. In my earlier art training days at Tanjong Lobang School, Miri ( 1967-1970), I was fortunate to have been taught the basics of Chinese painting over a four years period under the guidance of Mr . Voong, our art teacher who later migrated to Australia. Typical of many Chinese paintings, the red stamp or seal and calligraphy is shown at the upper right hand corner of the picture above. The blotting technique employed above is very effective, I thought. It renders the flowers a reality that is fresh and lasting.

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Chahya said...

Do you know that I love painting too? But am too busy with other things that it's impossible I could make a living out of it hehehe. Amateur drawing and painting anyway :)
Maybe I should post my drawing when I'm sure there'll be no one laughing out loud :P
But surely, I have high regard for people with talents and skills in fine arts like this.