Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Thousand Thoughts

Today I am greatly inspired to write a poem to welcome the new year. Here it goes:
A Thousand Thoughts
Like dried leaves
On the jungle path
These thoughts piled my mind
Over a thousand journeys
Through long, quiet country roads
Do you love your country?
Have we not filled the glass vase
A flower,bract and fragrance too
To seek not too far of the beauty
Within our immediate garden
Of Life's greatness
That tenderly sew our longing
Of living, striving and winning
A thousand efforts
Honest ones that bespeaks our toil
Atop mountains and valley floors
Criss-crossing many conceptual maps
A career profile, a bio-data of a humane me
Have sparked a forwardness
Mindful of a blessed life has been
And a tiny walk tomorrow may be
But must we plan
A thousand moves
For the success of tomorrow
Erupts from a fallen seed today
By a forest clearing
That shoots our labour of love
Henceforth the garden of tomorrow.
Date: 1st Muharam,1430 H.
( 29,December'08 )

1 comment:

Protege said...

You have so many talents! I love the way you choose your words. It is indeed incredible, as I assume English is not your mother tongue.
Happy New Year to you.;)