Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Waterfront Colours

Yesterday I visited the Kuching Waterfront after missing it for quite a while since my arrival here early this month. I have taken a number of photos of the Kuching Waterfront in this blog and some of the shop houses too. The strong and varied colours of some of them can be seen here. This morning I had the itch to render two of the shop houses I took pictures of yesterday. I had it done in mixed media as a trial sketch finished in just about 40 minutes.

Kuching Waterfront Shop house, 18 x 14 cm, mixed media.

The Kuching Waterfront is my regular haunt now and I guess many paintings in future will feature the scenes around the area. The above is a start as I need to do lots more for my coming 2nd solo exhibition. Anyway, more pictures of colourful sampans are shown below. These sampans too will be target for my future paintings and sketches. Soon the Kuching Waterfront will be very busy with a regatta which I am looking forward too. I guess I'll not miss it this time because I'm in Kuching till the end of the month. The regatta is to be held towards end of this month.

Sampans or small river ferry boats are receiving a coat of colours at the Kuching Waterfront,in time for the Kuching Regatta.


Protege said...

Oh my goodness Mahmud!!! This is a beautiful painting, I ABSOLUTELY Love it!!! You have an incredibly pleasing style. Also, I admire anyone who can paint with water colours, as they unforgiving. Stunning! I honestly completely love this painting, in fact I lack words to describe how much.;))

Chahya said...

I envy those with painting skills like you. When I actually post my drawings and paintings one fine day, I'll let you know, so you can have a good laugh :)

Mahmud Yussop said...

Dear Protege
I am very very glad you love the painting. Makes my day:)

Dear Chahya,
Thanks for droppin' by again. Look forward to your painting.