Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bintulu Malay Wedding ceremony ( Part 2 )

After all the formalities and the legalities of the wedding were done yesterday, it's time for more festivity.
Today I attended the second wedding reception at a well known hotel in town. In the above picture invited guests, friends and relatives are welcomed by members of the family.
At around 11.00 am the bride and bridegroom entered the hall and then sat on a specially made wedding platform called 'pelamin' in the local Malay dialect. Here they are accompanied by two bridemaids and treated like a King and Queen ( for a day at least). At the second reception it is now customary to be dressed in western bridal gown and as for the man in a lounge suite.
A few close members of the family and VIP guests take their turn to sprinkle flower petals and rose scented water as part of the wedding blessing ritual.
After the tradisional blessing , it's time for the wedding couple to cut their wedding cake. This indicates the modern influence on Malay weddings in Bintulu nowadays besides the bridal gown and lounge suite.
Nowadays anybody can become photographers. Soon the professional wedding photgraphers will be out of job!
This would be a kind of Japanese influence in Malay wedding these days. Any interested guests are most welcomed to belt out any karaoke numbers for entertainment while the guests have lunch.
Today's wedding was well planned and ran smoothly. As they say 'All's well that ends well '. Now, let's ponder what kind of love blossoms in the future.

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Protege said...

What wonderful colors! I love it! I wish all the best to the happy couple.;)