Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rainy December

View of 'Pasar Utama' from Jepak Fishing Village

Since back from Kuching last Friday, I find that the weather in Bintulu is very rainy. Even at the point of writing this piece ( time:11.00pm) it is raining heavily outside and winds are strong too. Where the barge is going is the open sea. The two twin roofs of the 'Pasar Utama' are iconic of Bintulu because it represents a Melanau tradisional hat ( 'terendak') worn by men and women when they work in their farms or walk around the village for protection against sun and rain or fish in the open sea. In view of our extreme climate i.e. rainy one moment and hot the next, the conical shape of the roofs is an ideal design for umbrella-like protection against both rain and shine.


Zuzana said...

Is this the rainy season in your part of the world? As you label it "Monsoon season". That sounds very exotic to me. Are you by the way an artist? I love all those sketches on the sidebar.;)

Mahmud Yussop said...

Yes , Protege, you're correct. What we are experiencing right now is the rainy monsoon season of solid downpour for days and nights throughout the months of November to January. This rainy season is also called 'Landas' season in Sarawak and is brought by the North Easterly winds. There is another South Westerly winds that brings the monsoon rain for the months of October to February to other areas in tropical Asia like India, Thailand and the western parts of Peninsular Malaysia. 'Monsoon' comes from the Arabic word'musim' to mean season when they found that two monsoons a year come to tropical Asia bringing torrents of rain in different places at different times. BTW, I am an artist at heart :)