Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bintulu Malay Wedding ceremony

The couple on the wedding dais and ritually blessed by well wishers.
Today I attended a Bintulu Malay wedding. The couple met in cyberspace. The bride is a teacher from Bintulu, of mixed parentage ( Melanau+Kelabit+Malay + Dutch)  and the bridegroom is a Sri Lankan working in Japan.
Members of both families pose for a group photo after the marriage vow ceremony.
Earlier in the morning the bridegroom had to pronounce his marriage vow to an authorised religious official ( 'juru nikah ') and witnessed by many others at the local mosque named Masjid Assyakiriin.
Once the marriage vow is uttered it's official. They are husband and wife in body, spirit and soul.
Once there was puppy love.For many it was love at first sight. Now it's cyber love.
All my best wishes to the wedding couple and congratulations to both families.
The religious official reads out a short marriage sermon to the bridegroom and audience present.

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Protege said...

How wonderful that the couple met in cyberspace.;) That is so very modern.