Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hardwood Garden Furniture

I found this collection of garden furniture at Satok Sunday market very interesting because they are made from Sarawak's toughest, I mean hardest timber called the 'Belian'. They are made into stools, benches, chairs, tables and side tables and interesting containers. Belian timber can last for  60 years or more and are not subjected to rot, even under water. For that reason they are used by the peoples of Sarawak as stilts for houses in kampungs or villages that are built by the riverside where the posts are constantly under water.  As garden furniture they can stand the heat and rain and will not warp or bend and rot like other timber. Besides that they are used as roofing shingles, jetties, pepper posts and compound fences.

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Anonymous said...

Wow I love this set!

I'm just in the process of planning a few things out for my garden, so whent he summer comes I can get to work on it, so far I have found water features sheffield to be handy for the water features and a local store does some great solar lights.