Tuesday, December 16, 2008

White Mushrooms for Lunch

The heavy rains in Bintulu now has encouraged the growth of wild white mushrooms. I bought a small quantity like the one in the small bowl above,  priced at RM 2 at the local jungle produce market called 'Tamu'.
Here's one way of cooking it. Mix the wild mushrooms with young cucumber leaves and baby corns and fry with the following ingredients: shallots,garlic,chilies, anchovies and shrimp paste. Serve hot :))
( Talking about mushrooms, can you imagine that there was once a local pop band in Malaysia named " Dead Mushrooms"!!)


Kemesraanku said...

Bring on the sticky-paste!..ahahahaa.... uiiiisssh...nyamai wai..

Zuzana said...

Wow, this indeed looks delicious! I love mushrooms, never head of the white mushrooms before.
Now I am hungry.;))

Chahya said...

Will try this later if I find the mushroom at the market.