Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Potter's Labour of Love

I was watching a potter today at his factory. His skillful hands and fingers moulding the kao lin clay with great dexterity into a flower vase.
From this collection of pots,vases and containers of clay and ceramic, I bought two which would be useful for my daily cut flowers.
I attempted both of them for today's composition.
Brown and dark bronze Sarawak vases in white/green compositions.
For more attempts at daily cut flowers from my kambatik garden at both Kuching and Bintulu please see here.

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Protege said...

Beautiful pottery! I love pottery, in fact I used to make my own bowls and vases when I was very young, a teenager, I attended evening pottery classes. My mother did not know what to do with all that stuff after a while.;)
I have to mention how amusing it is for me to see the old phone on the last picture; is it still in use and working?