Sunday, May 11, 2008

Miri - Bintulu coastal highway

On the way back to Bintulu, we stopped by the roadside to have a closer view of this oil palm fresh fruit bunches(FFB). At today's price, a ton of these fruits will fetch on the average RM 650. I say on the average because these fruits are normally graded at the mill's gate into three classes i.e Grade A, B and C. At today's price, Grade A is tagged at RM 7o7 per ton while Grade C is RM 600. The Miri- Bintulu coastal highway is fast becoming an oil palm country because on both sides of the highway are oil palm plantations as far as the eyes could see. On the Miri stretch oil palm are largely grown on low , flat and sandy to peaty soils, while the Bintulu stretch are planted on rolling hills of clayey soils ( or as some would term them as mineral soils) and mostly on steeper elevation.

Luak Bay 'Millionaire's Road'

On the way back to Bintulu by the new coastal highway, I was attracted to this group of mussaendas grown as intermediate shrub in the central median along Luak Bay's famous 'millionare road' stretch. Here in Miri the rich and famous have bought and invested ( some speculated) land along the beach to build mansions with huge garden spaces. What is interesting about mussendas are the colourful masses of colours which are actually not flowers. There are but the bracts or false flowers. I suspect the species shown above to be 'Donna Luz', which has a rose -pink hue to its colour. The full name of this plant is Mussaenda philipicca, which is believed to have originated from the Philippines.

Mother's Day Cake

Throughout the world, 11th May is celebrated as 'Mother's Day'. This year our friend Francis( who has been a resident singer and keyboardist at the Marco Polo Restaurant for the last fourteen years) threw a surprise for my wife with this mother's day cake . The presentation of the cake was well choreographed with one of waitresses approaching our table to the music and song of "Happy Birthday". A pleasant evening indeed for my wife who was really taken by surprise. I had a couple of rendition of songs live with Francis that evening, 9th of May, 2008 ,Bintulu.

Curtin Alumni Dinner

Went to attend Curtin Alumni Dinner at Miri's Eastwood Valley Golf and Country on the evening of 10 th May,2008. There were many strangers there and could only recognise a face or two . Well times have changed since I last completed my MBA at Curtin University of Technology, (Lutong Campus) in 2005. From this year graduation roll I could easily deduce that 90% of the students there are of Chinese origin. The explanation is simple. Being a private university it is beyond the reach of most native ethnic groups in Sarawak as it charges high fees. Financial merit therefore will not help much in redressing educational imbalances amongst the various racial groups here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here's to Fragrance

Nice to see, nice to hold, nice to smell. Today I celebrate this new web blog with a variegated gardenia flower. After a good two hours workout this morning ( before the scorching heat falls on the garden), I had an excellent mind -bending, mind -stretching exercise in the form of rapidly setting up this blog. For the record , I managed to build up this blog in about two hours with all its links done. I would say a most fruitful morning workout and dare I say it- a spiritual workout as well ( remember, the fragrance and the instant hope and energy it gives you). I will write more on gardening as a spiritual workout in later postings.

Welcome to my World !

I was thinking the other day of how to integrate my various blogs. In a splash of inspiration it dawned on me this concept. A " Kambatik World" which could act as a gateway to my Life and learning.
Welcome One ! Welcome All!!