Monday, December 1, 2008

Sights of Sarikei

Sarikei is a town midway from Bintulu to Kuching if you travell by road. We dropped by the town on our journey to Kuching ( 1/12).  It is popular for its small, juicy and sweet pineapple variety called 'Nenas Sarikei '. This tall public sculpture of the pineapple fruit is done in ferro cement style and nicely coloured to depict the shape and colours of the ripe fruit.
The main entrance road to Sarikei town.
The Bus Terminal
The Express Boat Wharf Terminal
The express boats refer to those long, high powered and extrememly fast boats which are custom built to speed against the strong upriver currents. This picture is taken at low tide.  At high tide the pontoon will rise with the tide.
River bank at low tide.
A much slower motor launch is sandwitched between two express boats. The motor launches are being faced out as passenger crafts due to its slowness.  However they are still used to transport heavy or bulky cargoes to destinations up or down river. Costs of transporting cargoes by motor launches are much cheaper but delivery time is slow.
A well decorated high water tank for the purpose of pumping water to  a higher level thus enabling more water pressure by gravity to neighbouring homes or premises around Sarikei town.
A CU View  of the 'Nenas Sarikei '. The expanse of the 'nipah' palm vegetation that grows along the river indicates that Sarikei is a riverine town and accessible either by road or river. There is no airport or airfield in Sarikei.

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