Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heliconia collection

As part of the landscaping plan for my eco-farm, I have included a section for my collection of heliconias. It is envisaged that the area will ultimately develop into a 'heliconia valley' where one can enjoy the the stark beauty of heliconia colourful bracts.

Today I cleared the footsteps of a path in the valley area and trimmed the heliconia clumps along the way. Below is the scene of my morning workout. Despite being a Sunday, I enjoyed the morning hours clearing the undergrowth and overgrown grasses and sweeping off the fallen leaves.

The long string of pinkish bracts of heliconia 'sassy pink' below are a real treat. Some can be more than a meter long.
The deep red lipstick colours of the heliconia stricta below is very attractive. It is for their colourful bracts ( 'false flowers') that heliconias are better known.

And finally, before the day is done, I displayed four varieties of heliconias into this glass fish bowl.

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