Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shopping at India Street

This is the view of India Street during the Gawai shopping. Busy as always and a great place to see...well people..the peoples of Sarawak and of course tourists and visitors to Kuching city.
And now here's below INDIA STREET seen in the eyes of a local artist.

Oh , Yes that explains it. I was at the Art Exhibition entitled 'Sarawak First Generation of Fine Art Artists: a Retrospective Exhibition', on Monday 9th of June Organised by the Sarawak Musem, it showcased the works of six Chinese artists. Lam Siong Onn being one of the exhibitors was born in Kuching in 1937
He specialises in water colour using a combination of wet- on -wet technique and wet- on-dry ones. In other paintings( not shown in this blog) he was greatly impacted by the cubistic tradition. He is presently still painting.

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