Saturday, June 28, 2008

Windswept Lawn

Like a bird one day
I was out in the open air
been there by the old casuarina branch
that I used to watch and sing
at the garden steps below.

It was a tiny lawn
recently mowed
the cuttings were dry
shrivelled and brown.

The patio was quiet
a little breeze blew
moved the scattered leaves
the silent chimes too.

The mood was rustic
this warm return hollow
where I while away
my moments in time
and take flight when the day is done.

Said I:
Here's indeed a place to rest
To seek a peaceful mind
that will remember and recall
this windswept lawn
the patio and the trees
I wished to be my own.

MOOD, 29 June '08.
Laman Kambatik, Bintulu.

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