Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Landscaping around Wisma Satok

A large water container , fed by fine fountains from its sides becomes a pleasant surprise amidst the drudgery of concrete walls.

Wisma Satok is a shopping cum office complex . Its anchor tenants include Maybank and CIMB Bank. However as a shopping destination, it offers a variety of attractions like food stalls and eateries, many more banks (within walking distance around the building complex), hundreds of conventional shops,wet market and of course the must visit Sunday Market.

A fine example of over-sized pots used to accomodate white flowering bougainvillea plant. This particular landscaping piece is seen across the road from Wisma Satok, partly seen to the left of the picture above.

A multi-storeyed cafe for the young and trendy about to be completed. This is section is an annex to Wisma Satok. Observe the use of fine bamboo plants and broad leaved shrubery as planting architectural elements. I find the use of colours on the wall next to the steps being effective.

At night the street lighting post will display the neon colours of the hibiscus flower pattern hung on the post. In the day time one enjoys the showy hibiscus flowers along the footpath.

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