Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Panoramic View of Eco- Farm

On a Sunday morning ( 29 June), I thought I would take a stroll up the Vegetation Island No.1 hill top. I know from there I could get a good panorama of the eco- farm. These shots are taken using my camera hand phone N93i series.
Below is the view towards the west. In the foreground is the forested area I preserve as Vegetation Island No.1, where I was busy the whole of last week planting heliconias in the area as part of a wider landscaping project called Heliconia Valley Project.

View towards west:

View towards the south:
The vegetation island is on the left of the picture. The middle ground shows the valley section.

View towards the east:
The huge trees on the left of the picture have been there for more than 60 years ago. The foreground shows the leafy fronds of the oil palm trees, which are the main crop planted all over this eco-farm.

View towards the north:
The northern section of the farm has been cleared and is planned to be planted soon. The new planting area is about 4 acres in size.

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