Friday, June 27, 2008

Country Peace

I was working at the Sassy Pink Footpath area this morning ( 28/6) when I felt a strong breeze passing through the leafy canopies above . While sweeping the footpath of dried leaves and twigs I could hear the chirping of many a birds around me and on the branches above. I felt immediately an experience that you just need to be in the country to understand. It's a kind of a tie up with your natural self, of feeling the peacefulness that nature hands out freely.

View of the footpath from west. Notice the broom swept footpath .

View of the footpath from east. The sound of rustling leaves while I swept the footpath and over my head in the tree canopies above, reminded me of a poem I wrote some thirty over years ago, called 'Country Peace'.

Country Peace

The rustling leaves,
Brings that wondrous feeling
The town people miss
Called country peace.
There is low silence,
Deep in its shallowness
Forever going
Forever reaching.
I lie in the open air,
Letting the breeze blow
My ruffled hair
My face too
Rubbing it slowly
But earthly through.
Natural quietness
Is a comforting cushion
That balms the mind
From earthly confusion.
I love nature,
In its rustling leaves
The quietness of mind
What ever good nature gives.
A time to reflect
A season to recall
In a state of mind
That nature gives.
I thank nature for it leaves
My thoughtful mind
Well at peace
Rich at ease.

MOOD, 1974.

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