Thursday, June 12, 2008

Garden platform project done!

The area to the right has been filled up and levelled to make way for concreting. Simple wooden form work are installed to keep the concrete in place when pouring. I have intended to make the garden spot more livable by creating this space for passive creation,like reading, drawing ,etc

I did this project by myself. The hardest part being mixing the cement with sand, stones and water. However take it in stride and in no time you'll find that you are capable of becoming a contractor. I would estimate concreting works above about 20% done.

Here's a view from the house towards the jungle ,taken after all concreting works were done.

And finally, the last bit of work consisted in concreting the first step from the garden to the house. The wordings on the step indicated that the project was completed on 18th May which was timely before we take the road to Kuching.

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