Friday, June 27, 2008

Bintulu river scenes

I had a half day outing to Bintulu town yesterday and had taken a few shots at the riverside.

There are not many express boats at the Bintulu wharves these days. It seemed that their days are numbered due to the accessibility of remote and upriver areas of Bintulu by a slowly expanding road network .

Bintulu 's main economic stay has always been timber and it is still dependant on this abundant forest resources today as ever. The Kemena River, that is the principal river of Bintulu is the main thoroughfare of tugboats that tows barges of logs to the timber industrial complexes at the Kemena Timber based zone, some three kilometers away from the mouth of the Kemena River. In the distant hill is the Jepak telecommunications tower . The village located down the hilly landscape and partly built in the river is where the local Melanau fishermen live. The above views I took from the wharf edge at Bintulu town proper.

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