Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Extremely rare Javanese Cassia ( Cassia javanica L.)

While driving through the district of Roban ( before reaching Sarikei) I couldn't believe my eyes when I passed the SK Bayong school. At one end of the school compound stood this beautiful Javanese Cassia tree. I have been hunting for this tree for years either to get its seeds or to have a picture of it in full bloom. Well I finally made it on 15 th of June i.e. I managed to take this rare picture of the tree covered with pink inflorescence. Couldn't get hold of the pods though , since the tree was inside the fenced school compound. Furthermore I was rushing to go back home to Bintulu. Javanese cassia trees are a real treat when they flower. I wish all local councils and city municipalities in Sarawak make it a point to plant this tree in parks and open spaces. Though it originated from Java island ( Indonesia ) it grows well too in Sarawak as evidenced by this picture.

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Gino said...

I loved reading the story of your search for the cassia javanica. Beautiful photograph as well! TY for sharing :)