Friday, June 13, 2008

Daily Cut Flowers

The heliconia species below is fondly called 'sassy pink'. Its bracts are pendulous.The pink colour is unique and striking. This particular stand is seen next to the front gate of our house in Kuching.

From this morning garden workout( about one and half hours of digging and planting work) I selected a few bracts of heliconias and two fronds of cycas plant. Here's how they look :

A closer view of another interesting heliconia species called' the fire crackers' is shown above.

And this was how I was inspired this morning to create a new blog ......well about CUT FLOWERS. While cutting the fronds of this sea cycas( pakis laut) it dawned upon me to do cut flowers arrangement on a daily basis. A tall order. Yes, but I am ready to take up the challenge. Therefore I am now thinking of the title of the blog. Could it be.....Daily Cut Flowers? Well, that's a start.....

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Abdillah SM said...

Hello Mood&Mrs,

Wow! Very facinating. Kenyang dapat lihat benda camni. Tak makan satu hari pun takpa.
How's life? Azah&me, we think of u both, always. Takecare, k.