Monday, July 13, 2009

Ready Camera, 3-2-1, Roll Camera!

Today I thought of trying something different. To give a better feel of Sarawak I'm inserting a short video recording which I took this afternoon at the Kuching Waterfront. There I stumbled upon a filming crew in action. The floor director was a lady and they had rehearsed the movements of the singer, the different shots using boom,trucking and dolly techniques many times before this clip was done. With the assistance of a sound man, music was played on minus-one and the singer lip-synced the song.
It's an Iban song. The Ibans comprise about 30 % of Sarawak's population. Since this recording was done using my camera hand phone N93i some shots are not that very clear, due to no fault of the device but more than anything my shaky and experimental hands. Please click to play the video.

Video Filming in Action. On Location: Kuching Waterfront,Sarawak.

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Protege said...

It is always fun to see film crew at work; I have seen many filming in Prague.;)
Ufortunatelly, the video will not play for me.