Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sri Aman Stopover

Typical skies during the journey- cloudy and sunny.

This afternoon I'm blogging from Bintulu. We arrived here last night after a 10 hours drive from Kuching. The weather throughout the journey was fine, cloudy and encountered only one short burst of afternoon rain after we left Sri Aman. Inul and Daisy were behaving extremely well this trip and took time to sleep for the most part of the journey. The air-conditioning in the car helped much to calm their nerves and kept them comfortable.
Inul by the front seat

We took a lunch break at Sri Aman. There we saw a couple of traders hawking fresh vegetables and fruits under shade of large angsana trees.

One of my favourites fruit vegetables is this local cucumber variety grown mainly by the Ibans. A small basket like the one on the left cost RM 2. I prefer most to cut them into small pieces and mix them with small slices of chicken meat and cook them as soup.
Other things we bought here were freshly harvested grains of black rice which is best prepared as porridge.

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Protege said...

Always so much fun for me to stop by your place.;) The cat looks so relaxed.;)
Thank you so much for the thorough description of your society in your last post.
Actually yesterday I went on Wikipedia and read about Malaysia, as I suddenly was very curious. I learned that you live in a part called East Malaysia or Malaysia Borneo. And finally I also got my geography straight.
This is why internet is so amazing.;)