Thursday, March 12, 2009

Golden Thoughts

Thinking about the economic collapse of nations today can be very distressing. But is there a way to look at the brighter side of things? To keep me think positive and speculative about the future, I have two golden blooms to colour my thinking. First is the Kedah Gardenia ( Gardenia carinata), a rather small tree that has its origins in West Malaysia. Just before I left Bintulu for Kuching last week, I took this picture ( right inset) at the open space in front of Medan Jaya shopping area. March seems to be the flowering season of Golden Gardenia trees in Bintulu.What I find so special about this tree are the fragrant flowers it produced. The flowers are singular and the petals thick. The flowers will remain on the tree for weeks and when they fall the ground below are littered with beautiful yellow petals

CU of the fragrant Golden Gardenia Tree flowers.
Yellow blooms are symbolic of sunshine, brightness and optimism. It helps me visualise opportunity. Yellow hat thinking is opportunity seeking. When one wears a yellow hat, one tends to draw best scenarios. There is so much optimism in the air and I like the smell of opportunities. To be open requires me to think positively .

In Kuching, I came across this flowering Golden Shower tree ( Cassia fistula) located at the Main Central Padang area. Being semi-deciduous, the tree seemed to be enveloped by yellow flowers that hang in long pendulous racemes. At the same time it produced fruits that are long (30-60 cm) looking like drumsticks. When all the flowers fall the tree will be covered by these long pods which contain the seeds for propagation purposes. The golden shower tree, sometimes referred to as the Indian laburnum, is considered a medium -sized tree ( 10 -20 m high) and is suitable to be planted on small roads, gardens and open spaces.

Having its inflorescence's appearing in long golden bunches makes me think of gold dropping on my lap. It begs me answer the most important question economist ask - what's in it for me? For when one has explored positively and evaluated risks, they must arise some opportunities. There's no middle ground. Make sure that you are on the correct side of the fence when things get worse with the existing economic collapse ( slump - recession - depression). Save yourself first, before you save civilisation!
The Golden Shower Tree ( Cassia fistula)

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Protege said...

I agree with you on the soothing therapy of gardening and plants and flowers.
I am going to devote this weekend to gardening. They are promising a true spring weather, and i hope that is correct. If so, I am going to do some spring gardening and I cannot wait.
Your pictures are lovely as always.;)))