Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vintage Vespa

While doing weekend shopping at Satok Sunday market, I met this vintage Vespa sprint scooter parked on the five-foot way . Judging from the registration plate number, this vehicle must have been on the road for about 50 years and still looking good. Today it became a travelling 'shop' catering for pickled fruits, packet drinks, sweets and sachets of coffee and tea. Shoppers passing by seemed very delighted to see the scooter and many stopped to vent their curiosity. I could very well remember in 1975 when a teaching colleague of mine bought one that was coloured red. He was the man around town. The Vespa pushed his status to that of a film star and one of the most eligible bachelor in town.
The proud owner of the Vespa is the gentleman wearing the orange cap. He told me that he is a member of the Vespa Club here who gets invited at times to ride around the city in convoys participating in public festivals or some official or semi-official functions.
He has conveniently placed a small board covered with a piece of decorative cloth on top of the scooter's seat to display his wares. The overall design of the scooter is an epitome of Italian design. It has a frame that encloses the engine and other mechanical parts. The pass-through leg area makes it easy to be used by girls or women. And yes, it has the handlebar gear change. Furthermore it has a front shield and a flat floorboard that protects the rider from mud splashes or flying objects underneath. What amazes me today was the presence of a spare tyre that fitted snugly behind the front shield. You can't carry spare tyres on other motorcycles like you do on the scooter.
Two thumbs up for today's lovely Vespa!


Protege said...

That is indeed incredible, I do not think there are cars that have been driving for 50 years. Amazing; he must have taken care of it very well over the years.;))

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