Monday, March 9, 2009

Sarawak Sights

Typical of our 600 km journey from Bintulu to Kuching today were the cloudy skies, rural countryside with paddy fields glowing in colours of gold and ochre. It's harvesting time. We encountered only two spots of isolated rain after the town of Sibu and Sri Aman and there again only for very short spells. We left Bintulu at 9.30 am and arrived Kuching at 8.00 pm after two pit stops at Sibu and Sri Aman rest area.

Sibu Sights (and surprises )
We had lunch at Sibu, after a 3 hours journey from Bintulu, and parked our car at the multi-storey car park above which resembled more like a corporate building or a bank. First surprise.

Sibu is the only town where poultry are wrapped in newspapers and tied with raffia strings to enable easy weighing. And to the farthest end of the picture, ducks included. Surprise no.2.

This human powered vehicle is called a rickshaw. Yes, it's not for show. You can take a ride around Sibu town with it. Such antiques are absent from the streets of Bintulu or Kuching. Third surprise.

I think Sibu has the most express boats, pontoon wharves, speed boats and motor launches in Sarawak. There's no doubt about it. Express boats are highly powered and lenghty metal boats ( left of picture) that can carry 40-50 passengers and are used to travel upriver destinations where the engine power must be sufficient enough to go against the fast river currents. Years of experience have made Sibu express boat makers the preferred choice of river transportation operators from Brazil to China. Sibu exports express boats. Fourth surprise.
Well, there be more surprises in store. In the meantime, Kuching here we come!.


Protege said...

Oh my goodness, are those live chickens? Or roosters and hens and ducks? How incredible, I am not sure you get a chance to buy a life animal here. Maybe at some local marked in the country; this is indeed fresh.;)) I like that, you know what you are getting.;))

By the way, rickshaws are widely popular in London!;)) Yes, it is true.;)) We have a student in the lab, that is visiting from London and he told me once that he drives one of those during the weekend to earn extra money.;)))

Anonymous said...

Dear Mahmud,

I always find your description of Sarawak refreshing and interesting.
I often thought of writing on tourism prospect of Kuching in my blog, but I feel you will do a better job on it. and your blog is more suited.
I do imagine how scenic and attractive Sarawak river cuise can be if there are tourism stop overs along the river such as Sarawak vase factory, Longhouse and cultural performance, a historical Malay house, handcraft sales,pepper garden, etc.
Even golf package may be ripe for promotion now since we already have four beautiful and scenic courses.

Feel free to contact me and leave your hp no. on my blog.

DAH Ikhwan