Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flashy Sassy

I have not done any posts since I arrived Bintulu for a good reason. There's so much to do here that blogging will have to take the back seat. The schedule seems further crammed because tomorrow we'll be on the road again to Kuching. However I was inspired to face my notebook this morning when I encountered this clump of heliconia sassy pink at the back of our chalet. The long pendulous stalk on the left has 24 bracts. At the spur of the moment I decided to make a quick compostion for the morning. However I ended making more than 10. Why not?
The rest will be posted when I'll be in Kuching in my other blog here.

I prefer to just plunge the whole inflorescence inside a round glass vase to exhibit the colours through the looking glass. Devoid of any other materials, the above can become a stand alone display. Maybe call it.... Sassy Senoritas.

However since we'll be going to Kuching tomorrow why not make more cuttings of heliconias to make a riotous crowd. In goes the other varieties of heliconias with familiar names like golden torch , parrot flower and lobster's claws. What an exuberant show of colours! I therefore would call the composition...Flashy Sassy.


Protege said...

Ah those colours are breathtaking!!! I love Flashy Sassy! Beautiful, it truly is.
So, do you own two homes in two different places. How exciting, I better check out your other blog.
Have a safe journey back to Kuching.

Mahmud Yussop said...

Yes,and I consider the one in Bintulu as country home and Kuching's our city residence.