Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grilled Fish

After having a full day's rest at the farm yesterday, my heart itched to see what's going on in Bintulu town. Therefore immediately after sunrise, I drove to town looking for that special thing I miss about Bintulu. I ventured to the fish market at Pasar Utama and bought the first batches of fresh fishes that were laid on the tables. Bintulu is for fresh fishes. I can't find fresh fishes that many and varied in types and sizes in Kuching. Bintulu is for fish lovers like me. I realise now that I can't live without eating fresh fishes. The fishes in Bintulu are so very fresh that we have here want you call 'umai' not unlike the Japanese 'sushi' - a dish of freshly cut fish ( mainly pomfret species) that is mixed with lime or vinegar, slices of onions, chillies and salted vegetables and taken raw after the ingredients are throughly mixed.

Today's menu was something I like to do after having missed it at Kuching. Kuching is a city and I don't have the luxury like in Bintulu where I can collect tons of firewood from the jungle closeby. Today I get to smell grilled fish cooked using jungle wood. Don't need charcoal or microwave. Grilled fresh fishes make my day today.


Protege said...

You know, my mouth is actually watering reading this. I love fish and having it prepared fresh must be like nothing else.
Do you like to cook? It must be a pleasure to cook with such a fresh ingredients.

Mahmud Yussop said...

I'm the worst cook ever. However I only seem to like grilling fish and eating raw fish with the slightest( easiest) kind of preparation, i.e. umai or sushi.