Friday, March 20, 2009

Afternoon at the Beach

The Damai Beach at Santubong

This afternoon was spent walking the beaches of Santubong, a 40 minutes drive from Kuching city. The beach is set against the Santubong mountain backdrop. While Sarawak has a very long coastline, only a very few isolated spots are developed into recreational or tourism attractions. Santubong is one location that has been intensively developed by the Sarawak State Development agency to the detriment of other potential spots throughout Sarawak. Obviously this has got to do with the fact that Santubong is closest to the capital city and the State government has far too long downplayed the role of tourism as a foreign exchange earner.

Today's hot and sunny tropical weather was ideal for swimming and sun-tanning.

I like most the view towards the hill where modern hotel apartments are given a touch of Malay high pitched traditional roof design. The greenery is everywhere and the wilderness around it makes the place authentically tropical and peaceful. Today was a fun afternoon.

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Protege said...

What a beautiful exotic beach! It is amazing that you have beaches like this - please enjoy it for me as well.;)
Have a great weekend.;))