Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yellow Boats, Blue and Green Roofs by the Kemena River

The evening sun casts its rays on the yellow fishing boats that are moored by the fishing jetties at the Bintulu town riverfront area.  The two big boats on the left are deep sea trawlers while the two smaller ones on the right  are coastal fishing boats. The  blue conical roof is the 'Pasar Utama ' which houses the fish and meat market. The distant green roof is the 'Tamu' or jungle produce market. The Bintulu riverfront near the town proper is one of my favourite hangout anytime I am in Bintulu. It reminds me a  great deal of my childhood days when I had to paddle a tiny boat every time our family needed firewood . Being the eldest boy in the family I was mainly responsible to bring my younger brothers to carry out the job.  Very frightening at times for a small boy especially when the waters were rough and the boat fully loaded with timber from the sawmill across.

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