Sunday, November 9, 2008

Books of Historical Value on Sarawak

Today is Sunday and I thought what a better way to spend than dust my old books.  What I found was a few books that I have kept for quite a while now. Among them are three described below:
50 years old
Ok, The center of the map is an Iban man, apparently not dressed. Bintulu is illustrated with the symbol of a log. Sabah is written as North Borneo on the map. These are the little things that interest me in this rare book in my collection.  As part of my lifelong learning hobby, I  like to keep odd, rare and historical value books, documents, photos, coins and stamps of Sarawak.  The above book or booklet for that matter,  is the oldest I have now about Sarawak, written in 1958 by .M.Jasni from North Borneo ( Sabah, then) and printed by Sinaran Bros. (Printers), Penang. What? from Penang?True. Interesting pictures inside the book are the Radio Sarawak Building and Lane No.1 Kuching among the very few. The book has only 22 pages.

40 years old
The above book is history written from the colonial perspective.  The book is used as a history text for primary school students before Malaysia and even a few years after.   First published in 1960, the edition I have is the second edition, 1968.  Having 80 pages, with lots of illustrations, maps and pictures. The author is Vernon Mullen. The book is published by Oxford University Press in association with Borneo Literature Bureau
39 years old
This Art book is an all time favourite of mine.  Written by Suzie Heinze in 1969 and published by the Borneo Literature Bureau, Kuching, Sarawak. In its 120 pages are packed vast information on drawing and painting, crafts restricted to flat paper, Ink and or Colour and Other Craft and Hadiwork, which has a list of 22 activities like mat making, batik, silk screen printing, beadwork, carving, mosaics, pottery, clay model, lithograph, etching, monotype, woodcuts, puppets weaving to mention but a few.


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Sim said...

I'd read the second when I was little. My mother owns the book. Too bad, I think we lost the book after we moved to Sabah.