Saturday, November 1, 2008

Snow flakes decorations

While in Miri today, I stopped by the Boulevard shopping mall. Looking down at the atrium's space below I took shots of the colourful decorative snow flakes as part of the complex's Christmas decorations. As usual the place is swarmed by Bruneians who are great shoppers to Miri city.  Without the Bruneians coming daily in their thousands and driving their cars too, Miri would have lost half of its shopping crowd and economic lustre. Over many years now the annual statistics have shown that about two thirds of the yearly tourists arrival to Miri are from neighbouring Brunei. Though Miri's tourism tag is 'Miri as Resort City' the majority of the tourist arrivals are in for day shopping since the road journey from the capital of Brunei to Miri is less than a hour drive made easy by excellent roads and bridges.

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