Thursday, November 6, 2008

Washingtonia palms in Miri

In Miri city on Saturday last ( 1/11) I passed this stretch of Washingtonia palms or sometimes called the desert palm. Originally from California, they grow well in sub-tropical zones. In the far background is a flyover, of two recently built in Miri. Flyovers are a sign that a town has grown into a city in Sarawak. Thus Kuching has flyovers. Is a city. Sibu doesn't have a flyover, but aims to be given city status earlier than Bintulu. Bintulu aims to be a city in 2020. Bintulu doesn't have a flyover at present. Does it mean that we have to wait another 12 more years to see a flyover in Bintulu? Currently there are only two cities in Sarawak, viz Miri and Kuching.

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