Saturday, May 30, 2009

Satok ' Greens Market '

Late afternoon today, I went down town Kuching city.  I felt released from my self-imposed six days 'quarantine'.  Well, don't get me wrong.  It isn't the influenza.  It's just that after the exams last Sunday I had to finish 3 case studies and one major analytical paper for my Strategic Marketing course work. Dateline: Tomorrow!  After submitting the assignments this afternoon a day before due date , I felt like unwinding and decided to while away the time at the Satok 'greens market'. Feasted my eyes on the yellow and big 'Honey Dew' melons, fresh green pepper corns, leafy jungle vegetables for salads, light green cucumbers, red hot chillies, sourish young and unripe mango fruits ( for salads,too) and various species of jungle shoots.  Well, I think I'll do more weekend shopping tomorrow when the Satok market will be bustling with Sunday shoppers.
( Note: The middle picture above shows a plate of freshly harvested tiny green  Sarawak pepper corns which can be taken raw or in many instances are factory processed and  exported the whole world over as flavouring for steak, scrambled or half-boiled eggs, or any food for that matter that needs a bit of the hot and aromatic Sarawak umphh!). Happy weekend everyone.

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Protege said...

This marked shows how much more healthier your diet is than ours; you use a lot of fresh produce, fruit and vegetables.
Glad you enjoyed a break from your self imposed quarantine.;))