Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anthurium Hybrids at Satok

These flamingo flowers ( Anthurium ) attracted my attention when visiting the Satok weekly flower market yesterday.  These beauties  grow naturally in our tropical climate and are best kept in shady locations and planted en masse or in groups to achieve the desired landscaping effect.   About twenty years ago, the only colours available were red and white.  But now there are various hybrids exhibiting colours of pink and orange. Today I saw one that has the spathe variegated in red and green which I consider uncommon (see inset).   
The good thing about anthurium is that they bloom continuously throughout the year.  Its colourful spathes are glossy , thick  and appeared as if they have just been varnished. One plant normally bears about 1-2 flowers at the time of flowering.    I find them useful as cut flowers.  Its heart-shaped spathe make it an ideal gift during special occasions like Valentine Day or weddings.  You need to water these plants daily because they require high humidity to flourish and be their best. I normally propagate them by removing the rhizomes from parent plants which is a very simple operation to undertake.  What happens when a person has a flaming red heart mixed with a greener heart? I wonder.  Or was it just a problem with men selectively breeding red hearts into pink, orange and green?  Or is variety a sign of a stronger heart? Guess will never know for sure.

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Protege said...

Beautiful, I have NEVER seen this plant grow in the wild, here we have them in pots. I like the product of mixing the red and green.;)))