Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday fishes and rabbits

The ever popular Satok Sunday market is in my hit list today. Today's target are the tiny aquarium fishes and the beautiful 'koi' fishes.  You can buy tiny aquarium fishes of all colours and shapes at RM1.50 a piece. Some are sold in clear plastic bags or in small plastic containers.  I've never been a decorative fish enthusiast but decorative fishes amazes me by their gorgeously beautiful colours and shapes. 

On every Sunday at Satok, you'll get to see people bringing live puppies, kittens and birds for sale.  Like today I took a second, third and fourth look at rabbits that were left outside the cage apparently oblivious of passers by.  Rabbits are gentle creatures and even as I stroke them lightly they weren't complaining.  It makes me wonder whether people use them as theraphy? It's amazing they didn't jump away when left in the open.

Finally I ended up buying half a kilo of dried anchovies . My two cats love them especially when fried.  Anchovies are easy to store or keep stock of because in dried form they are very well preserved and can be cooked in various ways in short notice.   Once a 'poor man' fish they are today very expensive.  The highest quality sold now is at RM 34 per kilo.  In comparison fresh and big river prawns can fetch only between RM 20 - 30 per kilo, while many deep sea fishes of above average quality will cost around RM 26-30 a kilo.  I have a special liking for these minute dried fishes and could remember very well how my mother used to fry and pound them to be eaten with a bowl of porridge every morning or when we fall ill.   That was about 40 years ago when there were about a dozen mouths to feed in our family.  I still love to eat anchovies  while taking snacks like groundnuts.  Anyway I always believe that anythig 'fishy' is always good for the heart.   


Protege said...

I used to have am aquarium when I lived in the US; I kept goldfish there but I felt it was so difficult to keep it clean, so I gave it up.
Ah, rabbits are so cute, they are very popular as pets here.;)
And I LOVE anchovis, hmm, the best snack there is. I love them alone with a martini or on pizza.;)
Hope your Sunday was great.;)

Mahmud Yussop said...

Wow, that's interesting to know you too like anchovies. I adore them too.