Saturday, April 11, 2009

Trailing Parasol

Who's that wearing the Chinese Hat at the fence? Her face red in the hot sun? Looking chubby all day long? Are the Dragon girls in town? Like light umbrellas or a hundred beach umbrellas shielding us from the hot sun, these tiny inflorescences of the Cup and Saucer plants ( Holmekioldia sanguinea) are having a fantastic time trailing along my south fence . It was not easy for me to get them established since five months ago. But once set, they spread along the low fence fast albeit with a little help from a caring hand. Now my idea of having a fence that is glowing in orangy red inflorescence's daily is achieved. On closer look the Holmekiolda sanguinea plant has crimson trumpet-like flowers ( here looking like cups) that protrude from a base of orange-red calyxes -that resemble saucers. This Cup and Saucer plant is best grown in the open sun and needs support like the metal fence to encourage its trailing or shall I say foraging habit. I'm inclined to believe after seeing this tiny success that the Holmekioldia is an excellent tropical trailer for small urban gardens.

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