Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm Blogged

I was lost for words when I read Deb Peterson's comments on my post "Art Through the Years' published in this blog earlier . Deb is a Guide to Continuing Education at, part of the New York Times company. In her blog she highlighted on my idea of showcasing my various interests in my coming 2nd solo art exhibition. Her blog is here. I felt deeply honoured,touched and overwhelmed with joy upon reading her write up. I'm encouraged more than ever to make a real success of the exhibition especially now that it has attracted interest from across the Pacific.
Life-long learning is a growing passion for me. I remember a few years ago when I was doing a garden for a Japanese lady in Bintulu. She casually mentioned in very simple words how important is learning to an individual. She said knowledge is kept in our head. It will always be with you wherever you go. How can you not benefit from learning? On a more philosophical level, I believe that we humans are honey gatherers of the mind. We fly back and forth to treasure up the beehives of our knowledge - where our true heart lies. In the best of human spirit whatever knowledge we have should be used to prosper mankind. Through the Internet and Blogging we are empowered to share knowledge on a scale unimagined of a generation earlier - borderless, online and with the minutest of cost. So, Deb the pleasure is mine.

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Protege said...

And the pleasure is mine as well! I am so happy that you have gotten this acknowledgment; you are so very talented. Many people have talent, but yours is on so many levels. You are a gardener, a botanist, a painter, a poet and a writer. An artist in your mind and soul.
Congratulations Mahmud on this appreciation. I hope more people will read your blog now and enjoy it as much as I do.
And I keep my fingers crossed with the exhibition. But I am sure it will be a great success.;))