Thursday, April 9, 2009

Photographing Kuching

I'm back in Kuching. As usual I'd pay a visit to my favourite haunt- the Kuching waterfront area. Two things stood out. First the obvious. The lettering 'ASTANA' is now replaced in bold letters. Secondly, despite having many walks around the Kuching waterfront before, I failed to notice a relief sculpture that was somewhat hidden in a corner at the crowded waterfront area. The title of the relief is 'Pak Tambang' and is dedicated to the boatmen (in Malay 'Pak Tambang') who ferried thousands of people from both sides of the Sarawak river around the Kuching waterfront daily. How often do we take things for granted in life? These unsung heroes have an awesome record of ferrying people safely for generations. Now the going rate per crossing is 40 sen which is peanuts for the thrill , safety and comfort of crossing the river.
Relief sculpture in bronze and mosaic ( approx. 2 m x 3m ) entitled 'Pak Tambang' depicting the unsung heroes of the Sarawak River.

In the far background the wordings signifying the 'ASTANA' stood out in flashy and bold stainless steel lettering. The Astana is currently home to the Governor of Sarawak. In history it was always home to the three white Rajahs of Sarawak who ruled Sarawak from 1841- 1946.
Note: All pictures taken before in this blog and now is still using my camera phone N93i.


Zuzana said...

I love that relief; interesting mixture of sculpture and mosaic. I have never seen that before.
You are right, there are many people out there doing important tasks on daily bases and they get very little recognition for it.
Wishing you a lovely weekend.
I wonder, whether you celebrate some sort of Easter or not at all?

Mahmud Yussop said...

I don't celebrate Easter but my Christians friends in Sarawak do. In Sarawak, Good Friday is a Public holiday.