Friday, August 8, 2008

Rattan Handicrafts of Sarawak

In Kuching there are plenty of Sarawak handicrafts that one can buy as sovenier.  One particular favourite of mine is the 'tambuk', which is a Bidayuh word to mean a carrying basket.  At many of the local sovenier shops along Kuching Waterfront, these are made into mini shapes and sizes to fit the varying budget of tourists and visitors to this beautiful city.

Sovenier shops along Kuching Waterfront
A CU View of varying colours and sizes of tambuk on sale at Serikin, a thirty minutes drive by road from Kuching city.
This morning I had the occassion to make a floral arrangement using the tambuk as a display container. But what I thought was a simple display became of particular interest to my heroic cats who are well on their way to create the Malaysian record of the most travelled cats in Malaysia.
So here's the two admirable cats :
Einstein with his killer moustache.
Macy Grey, the story teller.

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