Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Food Shopping in Kuching City

Yesterday I had a field day shopping for food in Kuching City.
First pit stop: The Spring, a newly opened  uptrend mega shopping mall in uptown Kuching, approximately 5 kilometers from down town Kuching. The food court was excitingly decorated and the range of food excellent from local to foreign menus. Here I tried the pasta.
2 nd pit stop: Top Spot, A sea food food court at down town Kuching, within walking distance from all the  major tourist hotels and accomodation. Something special on the menu was a plate of 'midin' which means jungle ferns in the local lingo. Fried with 'belacan'( local prawn paste) it is a culinary delight eaten by the lowly and the high nosed.
3 rd pit stop: Ikan Terubuk market at Satok Road , where the famous ikan terubuk is salted and sold as a must souvenier for tourists from Semenanjung Malaysia.
Below is a cu of the ikan terubuk fish.
When fried, these the terubuk fishes are great appetisers and therefore should only be taken in small portion.

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