Sunday, August 10, 2008

Handicrafts Show at Kuching Waterfront

Today the Handicrafts Show and Sale at the Kuching Waterfront comes to a close. I went to check out the place this morning and here's some pictures I took at the exhibition booths.
An interesting display of containers using rattan as the chief material for weaving.
Seconday school students take part in the batik painting demonstration.


Chahya said...

Hi again,
U are truly a Sarawak duta.
Maybe u'd like to rename yr blog "Everything Sarawak"..hehehe
I've never been to reading yr posts kira mcm dah pergi sana vivid.


Thanks for your compliments, and your suggestion.Ya,if the blog has teased you to visit Sarawak,it has achieved more than its objective.Drop by always.