Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend shopping at Kuching

I went again to the flower market at Satok ,Kuching yesterday(24/8) purposely to buy more varieties of heliconia to bring back to Bintulu for additions to the Heliconia Valley Project. collection. In the foreground of the picture below are bougainvilleas.

The prices at the flower market here are reasonable and bargainable. You can purchase fertilisers( in small packings), prepared soil mixes, flowering plants of all varieties and species like the orchids, roses,hibiscus,bougainvilleas,fruit trees,palm trees,grasses, aquatic plants etc,etc,.The plants are sold here by small nursery owners, part-time gardeners, garden enthusiasts and freelancers. They need only to pay a token fee to put up their goods at the alloted places on a daily basis.

An interesting array of plants sold on temporary lots allocated by the Kuching City Municipality for a token fee. The Flower Market opens from Saturday afternoon till Sunday afternoon, every weekend.

Later on the way back home, I stopped at this uptrend shopping mall called 'The Spring'. For more pictures please find them here.

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