Sunday, July 20, 2008

Three Fat Worms for One Ringgit Malaysia

I went to the town , about 20 kilometers from my farm , to do my normal Sunday shopping . At the local jungle produce market called the 'Tamu' I came across this collection of sago worms or technically maggots.  These worms will metamorphosize to become adult beetles later.  Inflation has hit Bintulu.  Three of these sago maggots are sold for one Ringgit Malaysia at today's inflationary times ( Previously it was a a foursome for a Ringgit) .These maggots are kept alive feeding on the inner flesh of the sago tree bark.  They are a gastromic delight among the local Melanaus and Ibans who might swallow them live or for the less adventurous throw them into the frying pan first before eating them.

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Kemesraanku said...

wahahha... Su-et..Goreng pun sodap..