Saturday, July 19, 2008

In Honour of Hibiscus

Over the decades, the Hibiscus Flower has been depicted in Malaysia's postage stamps.  While skimming through my stamps albums I managed to collect a few memorable stamps that were illustrated with the hibiscus flower from as far back as 1967.  The stamp on the botton left clearly showed the date of the stamp based on its issue in celeberating the 10  Years Anniversary of Malayan Independence from British colonial rule ( 1957-1967)
The Hibiscus Flower is generally known as 'Bunga Raya " in Malaysia.  There are hundreds of species of the hibiscus and even more hybrids as more and more people become adapt in hybridizing them.  However my love is still the red hibiscus which is single petalled. There are others that come in semi-double or double petals in various colours and combinations. I have attempted to make some flower arrangement using the hibiscus flowers.  Guys ..and ..Gals..You all invited to see my compositon of the hibiscus flowers in my daily cut flowers blog.

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